Quality Policy

The quality policy of G.T.S. is founded on the commitment to deliver projects in a manner that meets the client’s needs in accordance with applicable standards for the work and within the contract schedule and budget while maintaining our position as an industry leader.

G.T.S. is committed to the achievement of continual improvement of quality in all of its operations by implementing and maintaining a quality management system compliant to the ISO 9001:2000 international quality Standard.

In providing the leadership and support that contribute to achieving and maintaining excellence in our activities, Management shall:

  • Ensure that projects are executed and delivered in a manner that meets the client’s needs
  • Ensure that observed quality problems, deficiencies and non-conformities are reported on a timely basis and that appropriate corrective actions are taken.
  • Provide personnel with adequate training and indoctrination to the quality management system, and supply them with the necessary tools required to perform the assigned tasks.
  • Clearly define corporate policies, work procedures, and objectives.
  • Regularly monitor and evaluate quality.



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