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G.T.S. Constructors

Steel Girder Bridge.
EB and WB of Stoney Trail over the CPR tracks.
Calgary, AB.

Removal/Construction of CPR Bridge and extension of Bow River Bridge, TCH. Banff National Park.

Concrete Girder Bridges. Deerfoot / Stoney Trail interchange.
Calgary, AB.

Bridge Rehabilitation. Deerfoot NB over Bow River and Deerfoot NB over Ogden Road. Calgary, AB.

G.T.S. Roadbuilders

Champlain Bridge Overpass Z and Section 4 of Hyw 15 South

Vachon Bridge on Hwy 13 North, Milles-Iles River, Laval, Quebec

Overpass HYW 117 at the intersection of the road 323 St-Jovite, Quebec

Reconstruction of 5 overpass structures of Hyw 15 North Montreal, Quebec

Suite 206A, 2915 - 21th Street Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 7T1 Telephone: 403-226-5645 Fax: 403-226-5615

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